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Pivot3 & Amulet Hotkey

Mission-critical virtualized graphics on blade-based solutions

Pivot3 & Tracewell Systems

High-performance computing platform for space-constrained environments

Pivot3 recognized on the
GARTNER Magic Quadrant

for market experience and traction in Integrated Systems

Pivot3 & Lenovo

Pivot3 & Lenovo partner to deliver the Hyper-Converged One Platform
powered by vSTAC OS, available on Hybrid and All-Flash

Enterprise HCI All-Flash Appliance

The ultimate platform for high-performance workloads

A Decade of Hyper-Convergence

As the inventors of Software-Defined Storage, Pivot3 is the only provider of Global Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (GHCI) solutions for Enterprise IT. Our hyper-converged platforms are ideal for high-performance workloads in data-intensive environments such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Video Surveillance, Server Virtualization, and more.

Founded in 2002 and delivering the first-to-market hyper-converged solution in 2008, Pivot3 offers maximum storage efficiency, increased compute performance, and system resiliency in a homogeneous, scalable server-based model to over 1,600 customers in 53 countries.

With 22 patents and counting – many of which have been leveraged by Google, Facebook, and Amazon – Pivot3 delivers the enterprise-class features of virtualized storage and compute at compelling economics.

What Sets Us Apart?


Up to 94% usable storage capacity and selectable compression for high compute efficiency


Intelligent algorithms remove storage bottlenecks, aggregate bandwidth as you scale, and ensure low latency


High-availability Erasure Coding enables predictive monitoring and maintains performance during failures

Data Loss
Data Protected

How We Stack Up

Future-proof your investment with higher availability at lower cost.

Storage efficiency matters, especially at scale. Pivot3 lets you use all the raw capacity you buy without sacrificing availability.

Learn how you can achieve 99.9999% reliability and up to five-drive fault tolerance with no data loss.

Global vs. Local HCI

There’s a world of difference

Other HCI providers are only hyper-converged on a single node and can’t access resources across the array when an application needs them. These “local” systems only work with other appliances to make copies of data. Pivot3 is Globally Hyper-Converged, combining storage capacity across appliances and allocating as needed, inherently increasing the investment value of major resources.

What Pivot3 Customers Are Saying

“With the growing importance of hyper converged solutions, Pivot3 is a valuable addition to our new IT infrastructure and security division in line with our commitment to bring cutting edge technology to our partners.”

Managing Director, Value Added Distributor, MEA

“The appliances run VMware and combined storage: literally everything that we need was running on one box. They also showed us a proof of concept for Pivot3 that made our decision easier.”

IT Manager, Education, U.K.