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Hyper-converged Infrastructure.

Think outside the box. The age of hardware-centric "one-size-fits-all" legacy storage is dead. As the inventors of software-defined storage, Pivot3 delivers the best hyper converged infrastructure appliances for data center modernization and server consolidation.

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Understanding Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure In this white paper from Needham Insights, you’ll learn who the thought leaders are as well as five important mega trends operating in the storage industry today. Read how Needham believes hyper-converged infrastructure represents one of the most significant architectural changes to the storage and infrastructure world.

DCIG 2014-15 $50K & Under Converged Infrastructure Buyer’s Guide The scores and rankings for the $50K & under converged infrastructure solutions market provided by DCIG.

TBR 2015 Data Center Predictions Report In this report, TBR analysts share insights about business and technology changes for the coming year. One key trend addressed is that hyperconverged platforms, such as Pivot3, will begin to overtake high-end, general-purpose converged systems.

Pivot3 VDI Technology Overview This technology overview describes Pivot3’s totally new appliance approach to desktop virtualization infrastructure that is simple to configure, seamless to scale and cost effective.

Best Practices for Video Storage Infrastructure Download this white paper to ensure you spec the right video surveillance storage infrastructure for your environment.

Pivot3 Surveillance Technology Overview This paper explains the technical features and design of Pivot3’s innovative line of storage products that are purpose-built for the video surveillance market.

Storing and Protecting Video Surveillance Data Part 1 In Part 1 of this four-part white paper series, discover best practices for storing video surveillance data.

Pivot3 vSTAC R2S Technology Overview The Pivot3 vSTAC R2S solution introduces a simple appliance model for customers looking to reduce management complexity and cost.


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