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By Lee Caswell, Pivot3 Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Tuesday, July 31st 2012, Virtual Strategy Magazine VSM: What is happening to the Era of PCs? LC: We’re witnessing a radical transformation not seen since the early days of PCs of “where” computing happens, what a compute device looks like and what an operating system should provide. IT…

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Simplifying the Equation

Today’s enterprise-wide surveillance deployments are larger and more data-centric than ever. It’s no wonder that some surveillance resellers feel overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on a large-scale project at a major corporation, hospital or college campus. But as IP technology has advanced, it’s evolved enough to take some of the complexity out of the…

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The Perfect Storm of the Desktop Sets the Stage for the Case of cVDI

The Perfect Storm of the Desktop Sets the Stage for the Case of cVDI By Lee Caswell, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Moore’s Law sets the stage for the conversation regarding the need for organizations to pay attention to the world of cVDI.  In a world where computing power is growing at exponential rates, it…

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A Little Bit of Flash Goes a Long Way

By Lee Caswell From iPods and smartphones to digital cameras, consumer technology changes in a flash. And, fittingly enough, this evolution is thanks in part to flash memory technology. Flash is chip-based storage technology that’s up to 100 times faster than hard-disk drives. It’s also less frail than other storage technology, which makes it perfect…

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