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Find your Mobile Secure Desktop Quotient

By Lee Caswell, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Pivot3 Check out the New Mobile Secure Desktop RA from Pivot3 to find your MSDQ. What could be more fascinating than you? Are you the absent-minded tablet developer looking for your device in the airport? Or the road warrior who downloaded twenty-two action games over an unsecured…

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Be a VDI Serverless Hero! Visit Pivot3 at VMworld Booth 201

Olivier Thierry, Chief Marketing Officer     While most of you anticipate spending the great majority of your time in sessions getting the latest updates on everything VMware, we as vendors are getting ready to host you on the exhibition floor. Every year around this time, frantic vendor marketing teams work late into the night…

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Storage to the Rescue

It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make. And nowhere is that more true than in the security industry. Over the last several years, advanced camera algorithms have transformed the surveillance landscape and challenged our previous ideas about what is possible. Meanwhile, these advanced capabilities have created a more difficult storage environment. Consider…

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