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Can SSD play a role in solving VDI performance issues?

In a recent blog post, Brian Madden discussed how SSD alone does not solve real VDI performance problems. Brian makes a number of great points. At the moment, SSD is far too expensive to deploy in a large enough quantity to hold a large number of unique desktops. Brian discusses how converging users into single…

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Healthcare VDI

HIMSS ’13 (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society Conference) was held last week in the “Big Easy”. It was my first time back in the Crescent City since Katrina. While the city has roughly 350,000 inhabitants now, this figure swelled by about 10% over 4 days with 34,696 HIMSS attendees. During our stay the city…

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Things I Believe - Rich Bravman

Hello, For many of you, this is our first meeting. I’ll be sharing thoughts with you here from time to time. It seems right that I begin our virtual conversation by introducing myself, and that the most interesting way to do that is to offer a self-portrait, briefly sketched out in what might be thought…

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