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Professional Services: Going Above & Beyond

As IT and surveillance solutions become increasingly complex, and many organizations continue to cope with reduced budgets and insufficient staff, both integrators and end users are looking for all the help they can get. In response, a growing number of technology manufacturers are beginning to provide what’s known as professional services – technology training, installation…

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Maintenance Makes the Difference - Store & Protect Your Data

Maintain Your Investment Video surveillance is a critical part of a businesses’ security infrastructure. More surveillance cameras are used today than ever before and installations continue to expand. But video is only useful if captured and made available for redistribution. Reliable storage solutions are critical to maintaining video data and enabling immediate viewing. Let’s not…

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Video Surveillance is Key, Now More Than Ever

It is an unfortunate truth that with each national tragedy, the value of video surveillance is more clearly understood, not only by people within the security industry, but increasingly, by the public as well. The horrific Boston Marathon bombings are the latest reaffirmation that advanced video surveillance systems serve a vital role in the lives…

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