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Video Surveillance Data Helps Solve Real-World Crimes

Video Data Helps Solve Real-World Crimes These days, a lot of importance is placed on the latest and greatest in video surveillance. Our industry has evolved to offer greater capabilities and more rapid response than many would have ever thought possible just 10 years ago. However, some in our field still occasionally encounter a troubling…

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VDI Storage is HARD

Finding the Right Storage Solution for Your Desktop Virtualization Project Virtual desktop environments can yield enormous benefits for end users, including greater flexibility and ease-of-use. However, establishing a VDI is not without its challenges. For many, finding storage appliances that can handle the demands of VDI is one of the most difficult obstacles to a…

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Beyond Security: New Uses for Video Surveillance Data

Beyond Security: New Video Data Functions Grow in Popularity Not many years ago, video surveillance was solely used for security, loss prevention and fraud investigation. But today, a growing number of value-added software functions are enabling end users to take advantage of their existing surveillance infrastructure in new and exciting ways while also saving money…

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HIPAA Compliance: Turn Windows XP End of Life from a Problem to an Opportunity

The days of Windows XP in the healthcare industry are now numbered. The time has come to retire an old trusted friend. As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop developing and putting out security and enhancement patches for Windows XP. This will effectively make any health care organization using this operating system to become…

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Protecting Your Video Surveillance Data: What is the Value of Video?

As video surveillance technology has evolved, its role in our lives has continued to grow. Today, it helps protect end users and facilities in nearly every imaginable industry and, increasingly, is being used for more than just security. Modern surveillance technology is also doing double-duty in many revenue-producing areas, including marketing, customer service training and…

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