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Market Trends: The Latest View on Horizon 6 & Pivot3 vSTAC Appliances

Exciting news from VMware that Horizon 6 was announced last week! VMware provided the opportunity to beta test the product, so I thought it would be fun and beneficial to share my thoughts on the new capacities framed by the impact to Pivot3’s customers and their business operations. I spent a few hours with the…

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SSD Online Upgrade Tool

A new tool has been developed to provide Pivot3 Support the capability for online upgrade of SSD devices. Solid State Disk devices are the newest of drive types in the storage industry. As the technology matures, expect that the device firmware will require some firmware upgrades. Our customers expect their storage to be online all…

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Now Available! vSTAC R2S and vSTAC P Cubed

What’s new and cool with vSTAC R2S and vSTAC P Cubed? More power and more desktops Both the R2S and R2S P Cubed appliances have been enhanced with additional CPU power featuring the latest processor upgrade (2 x dual 8 core Ivy Bridge E5-2650 v2 processors) to deliver increased performance and a lower per desktop…

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