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Why Enough Is Nothing

By Ron Nash, CEO of Pivot3 At Pivot3, we always strive to lead the industry with innovative products from the most talented team. We know that if you’re not constantly working to improve, you’re falling behind. And recently, I was reminded of that notion in an unexpected place. Several weeks ago, I attended a board…

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VDI Eases the Windows Upgrade Scramble

We have all experienced it before: that hour of panic when it’s time for a Windows upgrade. Your favorite software no longer runs on your current Windows OS – oh snap what to do?  For the desktop administrator it can be even more frustrating – 50 to 1,000 or more physical desktops that need to…

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Surveillance Gets Strategic

Today’s video surveillance technology is capable of providing more detail and greater insight than ever before. And for end users in the retail, banking and hospitality industries especially, surveillance is now providing information on consumer behavior and traffic patterns that is enabling better customer service, more effective marketing and merchandising efforts, and more. Welcome to…

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