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Chasing Five-Nines Reliability

In countless technology fields, five-nines is the gold standard of reliability. You might have heard this term thrown around in regard to the availability of a certain device or piece of software—as in, what percent of the time can you actually use it? Today, we’re going to take a closer look at five-nines reliability and…

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PCoIP Enhancements for a Seamless VMware Horizon View Experience

Guest blog by Mabel Louie, Director of Product Marketing, Teradici VMware has raised the bar with the unveiling of VMware Horizon 6 and as a longtime VMware partner, Teradici® drives continuous innovation of the PCoIP® protocol.  We’re driving our technology to align to the industry’s most stringent security standards, and to provide best performance, and ease-of-manageability for virtual desktops.  The PCoIP…

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Securing Dubai's first Solar Park

Securing Dubai’s First Solar Park As a city where bigger is always better, Dubai is on track to set yet another impressive milestone by launching its largest solar park. The second phase of construction on the solar park began recently, and Pivot3 storage devices were chosen to complement the surveillance solution thanks to their energy-efficient nature….

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