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DAS Behaving Badly - Part 3

Poor Performance Server and storage performance is the most critical factor in protecting the integrity of high definition surveillance video. Poor performance leads to dropped video frames, which results in image degradation or the loss of entire segments of video. As we pointed out in the beginning of our series on how NVRs are detrimental to…

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DAS Behaving Badly - Part 2

Poor Fault Tolerance  In our last post on DAS behaving badly, you learned that video surveillance systems write data to disk 24x7x365 and 4-5x more often than typical IT applications. This write-intensive application puts significant strain on NVRs’ storage components, making them 3x more likely to fail than when used for standard IT applications. Furthermore, the…

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DAS Behaving Badly - Part 1

Single Points of Failure Server hardware inevitably fails. Recent studies show that typical four-year-old IT servers have an 11% chance of failure. Another study of Google’s data centers – among the most advanced in the world – uncovered that five out of every nine servers (56%) fail every year, and the average failure takes 1-2 days to…

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Don’t Skip the SAN

  Of the items listed below, which aspects of your video surveillance system keep you up at night the most? Data security Remote access Expansion needs System failures Rising costs If you’re like most decision makers in the surveillance world, you’ve probably lost sleep over any and all of the above. And if you’re still relying…

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