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Betting on Video: What You Need to Know
About Video Surveillance Storage in Casinos

It can’t be argued: Video surveillance is a mission-critical system in the gaming sector. Casinos leverage video technology to stay vigilant against a wide variety of risks, such as fraud, crowding, loss and other issues that impact the safety of employees and customers. Surveillance solutions not only help ensure security and fraud reduction, but can…

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Video Surveillance: The Building Blocks
of Proactive Campus Safety

Educational institutions face an increasing risk environment. Recent high-profile incidents further magnify the vulnerabilities that educational facilities face. This has led to an increase in public demand for improved security solutions across campuses. K-12 schools, early-learning institutions, and higher education facilities alike strive to meet the safety expectations of all stakeholders. Institutions across the country…

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The Importance of Intelligent Infrastructure
in Data Availability Strategy

I recently attended Veeam’s 2017 VeeamON conference in New Orleans and had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Stringfellow of the Techstringy Podcast on analyzing the data availability market. In particular, they asked for Pivot3’s take and approach on the importance of building intelligence into infrastructure as part of your data availability strategy. As the…

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