Retail chain manages liability with IP security with Pivot3

Retail chain manages liability with IP security with Pivot3

Location: Houston, TX
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The Challenge

Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods has been owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962. The company operates more than 60 stores located throughout the state of Texas, offering the best selections of wines, spirits, beers, liqueurs, cigars and, in its larger stores, fine gourmet foods.

Spec’s was relying on DVRs, and a mix of analog and megapixel cameras for its surveillance, loss prevention and internal compliance needs but it wanted to increase the capabilities of its system. Spec’s preferred the detail and clarity offered by high-resolution cameras and also wanted to be able to save recorded video for a period of two years.

This proactive, internal policy would enable the company to access stored video for investigations and provide peace of mind in the event a lawsuit is filed during the state’s two-year statute of limitations. Being a family-owned business, limiting loss in this area is of critical importance.

“If we can avoid one fraudulent claim of slip-and-fall, our surveillance system pays for itself,” said Mary Evans, Loss Prevention Manager, Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods.

In addition, safety and security is a top priority for the local company, Evans noted. If an incident or a breach occurs, the loss prevention team needs to access video quickly and efficiently to research the cause.

Spec’s also wanted to upgrade to a reliable digital system without adding administrative personnel or costs, a challenge its DVR-based system was unable to meet. Existing DVRs frequently experienced storage bottlenecks when tied to megapixel cameras and adding additional hardware was expensive.

Michael Monsive, President and CEO of ASAP Security Services, recommended the Pivot3 Cloudbank™ appliance as an ideal fit for Spec’s. Pivot3 Serverless Computing™ storage with embedded virtual servers provides instant video search and retrieval, reliable storage and better image quality when compared to standard DVRs. The Pivot3 solution also provides self-healing failover protection for both the storage and server applications to effectively eliminate costly downtime.

“We examined all the storage vendors in the marketplace and it quickly became clear that Pivot3 was the right solution,” he said. “Not only did the Cloudbank meet all of Spec’s needs but it met ours. As an integrator, we want to install technology that is reliable, scalable and easily maintainable. The Cloudbank enables our customer to expand storage by simply adding an additional appliance, and with the virtual server running on the appliance, it decreases the likelihood of a failure.”

Working closely with ASAP Security Services, Spec’s found the ideal solution using Video Insight video management software and Pivot3 appliances.

The Solution

Pivot3 offers scalable storage that can be shared by many servers. This innovative approach matches the availability, bandwidth, and needs of capacity-intensive markets with a scale-out approach that lets customers dynamically expand over time. The CloudBank appliance and integration of server and storage virtualization enables Spec’s to extend the life of its video while reducing costs.

Normally, storage costs account for more than 40 percent of the cost of a surveillance system. Pivot3 helps reduce these costs significantly with its free virtual server and decreases investment for hardware replacement. The company’s industry leading technology accomplishes this while increasing reliability, efficiency and data recovery.

George Scholhamer, VP Customer Quality at Pivot3, said on average there are four Cloudbanks deployed per Spec’s store although larger stores and warehouses have more appliances in place. “Our technology is a great fit for Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods,” Scholhamer said. “Not only can our solution meet its requirements for video storage, but our open systems platform supports the customer’s video management software of choice.”

The Result

With the combined solution of Pivot3 and Video Insight’s video management software, Spec’s image retention time has been expanded to meet the company’s stringent storage requirements, and the system is reliable and easy to maintain. In addition, all three providers went the extra mile to educate the Spec’s team how to fully leverage the capabilities of its newly enhanced surveillance system.

“Purchasing technology is only part of the equation; it is the ongoing service after the sale that makes a difference,” Evans said. “ASAP Security Services, Pivot3 and Video Insight met those needs and then went beyond expectations with exceptional customer service.”

Spec’s is pleased with their new solution and continues to expand the deployment in existing and new stores. The company’s focus on safety and liability reduction is a testament to the owners’ commitment to its employees and its customers.