Recent tragic, high-profile incidents have shed light on the increasing importance of video surveillance implementations in educational facilities. Not only do these systems improve situational awareness for first responders like law enforcement and trauma units, but they improve the safety and security of staff and students around the clock as a preventative measure. Additionally, developments in video surveillance technology and state laws requiring school campuses, from K-12 to colleges and universities, to store and protect video data are forcing administrators to seek cost-effective and highly resilient IT infrastructure solutions that reduce risk of data loss and ensure compliance.


The Solution

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Pivot3 reduces complexity, total cost of operations, mitigates liability associated with data loss for educational organizations. Designed with industry-leading resiliency and high availability, systems remain online and recording so video is always accessible even during hardware failures. The solution is simple to deploy, easy to manage, and provides linear scalability one appliance at a time so customers only buy what they need as budgets and needs change. Educational institutions are able to reduce upfront acquisition and deployment costs. As they system grows and generates more data, there is no need for continuous upgrades or added costs year over year.

Key Advantages

Pivot3 provides secure, remote access to video — and other integrated systems such as access control, visitor management, and emergency communications — from any device regardless of location and without limiting functionality or increasing costs.  Pivot3 Surveillance Series provides school districts and higher education institutions with proven, best-in-class solutions that are future-proofed for growth and technological change. With the highest quality support from industry leaders with a track record of success in mission-critical deployments, organizations can stay focused on their core business — education.


The benefits of SAN, server virtualization andhigh availability without the cost and complexit


Never lose video data with 99.9999% uptimeand built-in server failover


Single UI and no need for advanced IT skillsor dedicated resources to manage the entire infrastructure


Start small and scale out one appliance at a timewithout interrupting system operations


Reduce risk and improve response with secureremote access to entire system from any device


Over 1 million cameras protected with over400PB deployed in 53 countries around the world