Casinos frequently deploy hundreds or thousands of cameras to meet stringent gaming regulations and to ensure the safety and protection of employees and visitors. Gaming applications have been at the forefront of new technology adoption such as megapixel cameras which can drive requirements for petabytes of storage and hundreds of servers.

There remains a large installed base of analog systems supplied by proprietary vendors so that a standards-based open systems approach with future investment protection is a key attribute.

Today Pivot3 provides critical video surveillance storage and system protection for over 65 casinos around the globe.

Top Gaming Concerns

  • Ultimate reliability
  • Gaming regulation compliance
  • Performance for megapixel cameras (no dropped frames)

Pivot3 Gaming Benefits

  • Self-healing for applications and storage
  • RAID6e ensures highest protection and system availability
  • Massive storage bandwidth for high-res images

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Given the large amounts of money that change hands and the possibility of cheaters, surveillance is integral to successful casino operation.

Choctaw Casino

The Choctaw Casino deployed more than two petabytes of Pivot3 Serverless Computing storage with embedded virtual servers.

Creek Nation Casino

The Creek Nation selected Pivot3 High-Definition Storage to support the bandwidth and capacity needs of nearly a thousand high-definition IP cameras installed in security-sensitive locations, including table games, cashiers’ windows and kiosks.