Security is an important issue for governments at all levels around the world. In the US, focus on Homeland Security continues to increase. IP video surveillance has proven to be an efficient preventative tool to create a safer and more secure environment within public areas such as:



Customs and immigration offices

Government buildings

Public outdoor areas

Today Pivot3 provides critical secured city video surveillance storage and system protection for municipalities around the globe. Major correctional institutions, public venues, parks and global sporting events around the world depend on Pivot3 video surveillance storage and protection.

Top Government Concerns

  • Leverage limited personnel
  • Forensic admissibility in court
  • Manage without specialized knowledge

Pivot3 Government Benefits

  • Simple application integration
  • Complete security for tamper-proof video
  • Standards-based for simple deployment

Additional Resources

Municipal Government

Crime and violence are intractable problems for many local communities, and limited resources often make it difficult to provide adequate public safety manpower to address the challenge.

City of Maple Grove

Maple Grove decided to re-evaluate its existing surveillance program after it secured a grant to upgrade its existing analog camera, DVR-based surveillance system.

City of Long Beach

Recently, the City of Long Beach police department turned to high tech “eyes in the sky” to monitor public access areas and help keep them safe.