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Healthcare VDI

HIMSS ’13 (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society Conference) was held last week in the “Big Easy”. It was my first time back in the Crescent City since Katrina. While the city has roughly 350,000 inhabitants now, this figure swelled by about 10% over 4 days with 34,696 HIMSS attendees. During our stay the city didn’t seem to be overly crowded, but this tide of visitors, proved to be a test for the hotels, restaurants and clubs given the timing and concentration of events.

Ironically the city had issued a precautionary “boil water advisory” on the Sunday morning at the start of HIMSS when water pressure levels dropped below regulatory standards after a fire in the boiler room at the Sewerage and Water Board power plant. While secure in the knowledge that there were plenty of doctors around, it did make it difficult to get a Starbucks!

Back to business. We attended HIMSS to launch our Healthcare-3 Validated Design for VDI together with our partners, VMware, Samsung, Imprivata, and Teradici. The basis for the partnering is centered on AlwaysOn Point-of-Care, which is a validated design architecture that we had completed with VMware. This validated design involves being able to integrate with different technology partners for different aspects of the AlwaysOn infrastructure service delivery. If it made perfect sense in a lab environment, then why not get the technology vendors together and drive a unified go-to-market that makes it easy for the customers to procure and deploy? That’s what Healthcare-3 is all about.

Last week we had live demos running Healthcare-3 in multiple booth locations featuring single-sign on and a roaming clinician “follow me desktop” experience. Coolest of the show was the Samsung booth, where all of their virtualized medical desktops were powered by our solution. Log in to multiple applications with a swipe of your badge. Move on to another location and login there and it automatically logs you off from the previous device and brings you right where you left off on the previous device yet on the new device in a matter of seconds! Fantastic! All through the power and security of the AlwaysOn Point-of-care solution.

Last week was a landmark week for Pivot3. We delighted prospects and got word that we had won some first orders based on our VDI infrastructure for the medical workspace. We delighted show attendees, prospects and customers. And we also delighted our partners, which led Eric from Samsung to claim, “Pivot3 is awesome, it’s the easiest part of my day”.

Now that’s the real “Big Easy”!

Olivier Thierry

Chief Marketing Officer