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How We’re Bringing High-Performance Storage
to Video Surveillance for SMEs

Converged server and storage appliance delivers benefits of enterprise IT at a cost-effective price for small and medium security applications.

Last month we announced our new Edge Protect product, which we’ve designed to bring enterprise-class IT to the video surveillance market for small and medium-sized businesses—and any organization with distributed operations. Here’s why we think Edge Protect is so important, and what it means for your business.

Growing Demand for High-Performance Video Surveillance

Everywhere we look, we see organizations of all sizes hungry for more and better high-resolution network video surveillance. Companies, government agencies, you name it—they have more video to process, they need to access and use it on the fly, and they need the infrastructure behind it to fit their budgets.

Consider the latest numbers from IHS: 566 petabytes of data were produced daily by new video surveillance cameras worldwide in 2015. By 2017, that number is expected to exceed 1,500 petabytes per day. It’s no wonder that IHS projects that the video surveillance equipment market will grow by about $5 billion annually during that time. (It should crack the $25 billion mark worldwide in 2017 or 2018.)

The Problem: Not Enough Bang for the Buck

Video surveillance isn’t just for catching the bad guys anymore. It’s a strategic business tool that smart organizations—and not just the biggest ones—are using to bring together security, analytics, and operational intelligence so they can reduce risk and improve financial returns.

Until now, though, smaller organizations have been forced to make a bad choice between truly high performance (with high reliability, automatic failover, centralized access to video, etc.) and pricing that makes sense for SMEs. Our customers and integrators in the mid-market segment have asked us to give them the best of everything: enterprise-class capabilities, but with the ease of operation and price tailored to their needs.

Bringing You the Best of Both Worlds with Edge Protect

That’s exactly why we developed Edge Protect. It’s a hyperconverged SAN storage solution built using off-the-shelf x86 server hardware and designed expressly for mid-sized and remotely distributed surveillance applications.

Edge Protect delivers:

  • High-performance, high-availability storage
  • Implementation of server infrastructure for up to 200 video surveillance cameras
  • Built-in server failover to protect video management and recording functionalities in case of hardware failure
  • Fully accessible recorded video, even when entire appliances go offline
  • Server virtualization technology that enables associated applications to be consolidated

Every aspect of Edge Protect has been engineered to improve reliability and reduce your costs for everything from hardware (25% savings) to data center infrastructure (40% savings) to IT staffing. The system is easily managed through a single UI without the need for specialized technical skills and it scales easily to help you keep a lid on IT complexity as your needs grow.

There’s a reason that more than 2,000 customers in 50+ countries rely on our products. We’re proud that Edge Protect is bringing those benefits to even more organizations in retail, finance, government, education, and healthcare.

Find Out What Edge Protect Can Do for You

We’re excited to present Edge Protect at the ISC West conference being held this week (April 5–8, 2016) at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. We hope you’ll visit Pivot3 at ISC West booth #30087 to find out more about Edge Protect—or anything else we offer. Click here to schedule your on-site meeting at the show.