Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Smarter Hyperconvergence

A successful implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions largely depends on its underlying architecture and whether it can deliver the right combination of performance, scale and efficiency. Pivot3’s architecture is unique, and uses a patented form of erasure coding to distribute data across the entire system to ensure maximum performance, high availability, and storage efficiency are always optimal across the entire system, even during hardware failure events. This aggregated resource distribution for virtual storage and compute provides increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines, industry-leading usable storage capacity, and scales out linearly with each added node. With the release of Acuity, Pivot3’s latest software platform, customers now have access to the industry’s first priority-aware HCI solution that delivers breakthrough performance through NVMe PCIe flash and the management simplicity of an advanced Quality of Service engine to run multiple enterprise workloads on a single infrastructure.

NEW: Acuity HCI Software Platform

Pivot3’s all-new HCI software platform is industry’s first priority-aware hyperconverged solution that enables IT to confidently consolidate multiple mixed application workloads. With breakthrough performance compared to conventional hyperconverged solutions and the simplicity of advanced policy-based management, businesses can extend the cost and efficiency benefits of hyperconvergence across more of their datacenter.

vSTAC Software Platform

vSTAC OS natively combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources into a modular,x86 building block that can be rapidly deployed to run any enterprise application with industry-leading performance, scale, resilience and efficiency.

Flexible, Agile Deployment Options

Pivot3 HCI software platforms are designed to run on a variety of hardware options. We package our solutions either as preconfigured appliances or as software-only that can be installed on the customer’s hardware platform of choice. By integrating through standard iSCSI storage presentations, Pivot3 eliminates ‘rip and replace’ concerns, allowing for easier adoption of HCI, the ability to extend the ROI of existing server and storage systems, and to retain the choice of how your datacenter grows. By working through a single common interface, Pivot3 enables simple infrastructure management through a well-known and familiar management interface, saving the IT Administrator time when first deploying the HCI solution.