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The Importance of Intelligent Infrastructure
in Data Availability Strategy

I recently attended Veeam’s 2017 VeeamON conference in New Orleans and had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Stringfellow of the Techstringy Podcast on analyzing the data availability market. In particular, they asked for Pivot3’s take and approach on the importance of building intelligence into infrastructure as part of your data availability strategy.

As the enterprise moves towards availability, rather than backup and disaster recovery, as part of its digital transformation, the ability for your underlying infrastructure to support the always-on business and an application-centric infrastructure is critical. Some have argued that for an infrastructure to be truly invisible, it must be intelligent – it must understand the impact of data and business requirements of the application.

In this interview, we discuss the Veeam-Pivot3 relationship and how that enables customers to get deeper into the datacenter to focus solving real business problems at the application and availability level. We also touch on our success with ROBO and MSP deployments and our partnership works together to create greater availability domains that simplify infrastructure management, shorten deployment times, increase fault tolerance and reduce troubleshooting and firefighting for multi-site customers.

Listen/download the podcast below: