Law Enforcement


Video surveillance has become a proven tool in monitoring, analyzing and even shifting crime and terrorist activities. Applications range from small municipal deployments to medium size prison projects to comprehensive homeland security initiatives.

Current forecasts anticipate that over 1 billion cameras will be introduced into the US over the next five years as public opinion continues to favor the use of surveillance technology to fight crime.

Today Pivot3 provides critical video surveillance storage and system protection for dozens of municipalities around the globe. Major metropolitan law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions and court systems around the world depend on Pivot3 video surveillance storage and protection.

Top Public Safety Concerns

  • Leverage limited personnel
  • Forensic admissibility in court
  • Manage without specialized personnel

Pivot3 Public Safety Benefits

  • Simple application integration
  • Complete security for tamper-proof video
  • Standards-based for simple deployment

Additional Resources

Municipal Government

Crime and violence are intractable problems for many local communities, and limited resources often make it difficult to provide adequate public safety manpower to address the challenge.


Video surveillance in the corrections environment promotes a safe atmosphere for inmates and correctional officers. Effective management can be a life-or-death challenge, and real-time video can alert officers immediately of a problem that needs addressing.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

The HCSO is a leader when it comes to innovation, training and technology. They excel at leveraging the power of technology to help reduce crime and violence.

Rochester Police Department

Rochester’s leaders have taken a stand against crime and prioritized a significant amount of time, money, manpower and technology to reduce crime, protect residents and increase business opportunities within the city limits.