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Modern Business Strategies for Integrators

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is the key to success for security integrators. The following strategies can be used to ensure sustained success by leveraging IT innovations:

  • Improve IT capabilities: Partner with solution providers who are experts in IT and are willing to invest in your success as a subject matter expert. Position your organization as one that customers can rely on for expertise.
  • Help customers understand that video surveillance data is different than “normal” IT data, and the implications this brings to their server and storage infrastructure. Work with your customers to define the business, operational risk and impact of system downtime and data loss while educating them on the proper solutions.
  • Become IT savvy as quickly as possible: IT is increasingly involved in server and storage infrastructure buying decisions, preferring to make purchases from traditional channels. This process can lead to loss of hardware revenue for integrators.
  • Provide great service at all times: Once the initial sale is confirmed, make a commitment to provide timely delivery and installation of systems. Afterward, provide timely and efficient support when issues arise.

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