HyperSAN Modular FX2

A completely new approach to data center infrastructure

When density and performance matter, Pivot3’s Modular FXB combines the storage efficiency of dynamic hyperconvergence with the physical density of Dell’s PowerEdge FX2. The platform consists of a high performance blade chassis with up to four servers in 2U running both the VMware vSphere Hypervisor and vSTAC OS. Pivot3 is uniquely suited to getting the most out of a modular server environment by combining the high IOPS performance of SSDs with maximum storage efficiency of vSTAC OS for a dense and powerful enterprise IT platform and a completely new approach to data center infrastructure.

Product Benefits

Maximum Density – The integrated architecture platform features density similar to that of the standard 16 blade chassis, but with the granularity of rack-mount servers so it is ideal for data consolidation.

High Availability – Six 9’s (99.9999%) reliability protects up to three drive failures, or a full appliance and one additional drive failure for uninterrupted performance.



Fast Flash Performance – The system offers an inexpensive way to maximize the amount of flash SSD storage and IOPS available for running workloads, preserving performance as you scale while using only 7% compute power.

Storage Efficiency – vSTAC OS forms a HyperSAN which achieves market-leading fault tolerance without resorting to data replication, resulting in extremely high storage efficiency of up to 94% available storage.

Easy to Scale – Linear scalability aggregates bandwidth, IOPS and memory across nodes for dynamic expansion of both compute and capacity independently.

Effortless Management – Designed for ease of use with effortless management capabilities and self-healing simplicity, vSTAC Manager automatically configures nodes and runs on any PC, and Proactive Diagnostics keep storage infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently.


Key Features

Mixed Use with Existing GHCI Clusters

The platform is based on Pivot3’s HCI software and Dell’s PowerEdge enclosures and can be combined with Pivot3’s standard rack-mounted all-flash HCI nodes to achieve the optimal balance of performance, density and capacity to flexibly match the needs of any workload.

Limitless Scalability

Unified storage and compute in a HCI environment starts with only one box. Four PowerEdge enclosures with Pivot3 HCI software constitute a 4×4 erasure coding virtual Protection Group (vPG) that can be scaled-out linearly without limitations.



Full Compatibility with VMware Functions

VMware server, storage, and Pivot3 system certifications included, with optional vMotion, vSphere, VMware HA, and other VMware software sold separately through authorized reseller partners.

Incremental Investments

With a low cost of entry compared with their integrated system counterparts and legacy infrastructure, the Modular FXB can be easily updated to allow rapid integration of new servers and modules as they become commercially available, so customers combine greatest performance possible with a solid technology foundation and roadmap for growth.