Virtual Server and Storage Infrastructure


Virtual Server and Storage nodes are purpose-built for demanding IP video surveillance workloads. Each node contributes a virtual server environment, compute resources and IP SAN storage capacity that are shared across all nodes in the array. All storage and compute resources are available to all video management applications and all cameras, regardless of server association.  Storage and compute capacity scales equally as nodes are added to the array.

IP video surveillance workloads pose significant challenges for traditional IT infrastructure. We leveraged deep domain expertise in storage, servers and video surveillance to create solutions that perform flawlessly while eliminating downtime and data loss. Our unique hyper-converged architecture delivers vastly superior resiliency and capability than direct attached storage solutions, and outperforms enterprise server + SAN storage infrastructure at reduced cost and complexity.

Key Advantages

Infrastructure Consolidation

Consolidate all servers onto a enterprise-class infrastructure for single-pane-of-glass management of video, access control, visitor management, emergency communications, and more. This highly resilient infrastructure for the entire security suite reduces costs and data center footprint.

High Performance

Optimized to prevent video loss and image degradation with features that include aggregated HDD, SSD and compute resources, with up to 9TB of lightning-fast SSD write cache that bypasses the hypervisor to write directly to disk.


Built-in server failover, full appliance or up to five-drive fault tolerance, preventative maintenance and predictive sparing result in 99.9999% uptime and system availability.


Easily adapt to changing environments with linear scalability of storage and compute that begins with a single node. As you scale out, expansions occur without any disruption to existing system operations and the system automatically rebalances to incorporate added resources to the unified pool.

Simple and Cost Effective

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of traditional IT infrastructure with cost-effective standard x86 server hardware, and easy to use, single-pane-of-glass administration that doesn’t require advanced IT skills to manage.

HCI Surveillance Platforms

vSTAC Data

Pivot3 vSTAC Data nodes deliver storage resources that scale linearly as they are stacked together in a Pivot3 hyper-converged storage and compute vSTAC Array. Instantly improve uptime, availability, and reduce upfront configuration time.

​vSTAC Watch

Pivot3’s vSTAC Watch is a purpose-built hyper-converged platform for surveillance and video storage workloads. With Petabyte scalability for capacity and performance, nodes are simple to configure, easy to manage and deploy. Pooled resources across the array and failover-protected hardware, storage and applications meet the needs of the most demanding surveillance environments.

Edge Protect

Edge Protect brings enterprise-class IT to physical security with a purpose-built and competitively priced hyperconverged SAN storage solution that is ideal for small, medium and remotely distributed surveillance installation.