Simplicity and Economics of Hyperconverged with Predictable Performance of Flash and Advanced QoS

Simplicity and economics are two key reasons IT professionals are turning to hyperconverged (HCI) infrastructure for the data center. Data centers have applications with a broad spectrum of needs, from medium intensity processing and storage I/O performance to high intensity processing and low-latency storage I/O performance – plus everything in between. Until now, handling this spectrum of data center requirements has challenged traditional hyperconverged solutions. With low-latency shared flash acceleration and granular, automated performance management, Pivot3 vSTAC SLX makes it possible for businesses to support a full spectrum of applications, including mission-critical, with confidence.

HCI for the Full Spectrum of Data Center Needs

HCI Integrated with Shared Flash Storage

Flexibility to support a wide range of applications on a single, easy-to-deploy and manage compute and storage solution

Converged Management Console

Manage VMs, compute, and all storage from vCenter Server to simplify provisioning and management of resources

Dynamic Quality of Service

Ensure predictable, guaranteed performance or applications based on targets, priorities and data placement

Patented Scalar Erasure Coding

Get six 9s uptime, maintain 89% or greater of IOPS in degraded modes, and achieve up to 94% capacity utilization as you scale

vSTAC SLX Models

vSTAC SLX Chart_actual