Pivot3 Products

Better Business Outcomes
with Smarter Infrastructure Solutions

Pivot3 provides the flexibility to deploy a wide range of hyperconverged and flash storage solutions to meet your specific needs. Our innovative software platforms are designed to run on a variety of hardware options. Products are packaged either as preconfigured nodes or as software-only that can be installed on your hardware platform of choice. 

At Pivot3, we understand that IT needs to deploy infrastructure to support multiple solutions and use cases to meet specific business initiatives and needs. This requires a validated and optimized infrastructure that works seamlessly with other software and hardware vendors in any environment.

Pivot3 Software Platforms

Pivot3’s software platforms are designed to address any enterprise datacenter challenge by combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources through industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure technology. With a more agile infrastructure, Pivot3 customers can extend the benefits of performance, scale and efficiency across more of the datacenter to keep pace with the demands of modern business.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platforms

Pivot3 offers a range of HCI platforms that are fundamentally different than other HCI providers. In addition to lowering both cost and complexities in the data center, our patented technology delivers better capacity utilization, higher compute efficiency and greater fault tolerance for running enterprise IT workloads. From Hybrid to All-Flash, Blades and more, our unique architecture allows us to pool all resources for compute, memory, and storage at scale to deliver the highest performing HCI system in the market.

Flash Storage Arrays

Pivot3 provides innovative all-flash and hybrid flash arrays that deliver predictable performance and better economics through an innovative architecture that leverages PCIe flash and advanced storage Quality of Service (QoS). Unlike other arrays that treat all data the same, Pivot3’s dynamic storage QoS governs performance targets, I/O prioritization and data placement, allowing you to meet SLAs. Pivot3 flash arrays deliver the predictable application performance your end-users require, along with industry-leading performance, density and management simplicity.

HCI Surveillance Series

Pivot3 provides the most comprehensive enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions to power the modern security and surveillance ecosystem. Designed for video surveillance, Pivot3’s purpose-built HCI solutions deliver better performance, resilience and scalability than DAS, NVR or legacy SAN, and without the need for advanced IT skills. With millions of cameras protected in 53 countries around the world, Pivot3 eliminates unplanned downtime and data loss so you never drop a frame.