Product Documents

Product Documents

Solution Brief - Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement

Learn how Pivot3’s superior IT infrastructure is changing the game for law enforcement surveillance applications. With increased requirements around liability and officer accountability, Pivot3 HCI ensures retention, compliance and chain of custody protection for body-worn and in-vehicle camera video while reducing costs by as much as 90% compared to public cloud solutions.

Pivot3 Company Brochure

The Pivot3 company brochure describes our product offerings, unique technology differentiation and how we are transforming the data center with the simplicity, economics, and performance of Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Dynamic Quality of Service


Simplicity and economics are two key reasons IT professionals are turning to hyperconverged (HCI) infrastructure for the datacenter. Datacenters have applications with a broad spectrum of needs, from medium intensity processing and storage I/O performance to high intensity processing and low-latency storage I/O performance – plus everything in between. Until now, handling this spectrum of data center requirements has challenged traditional hyperconverged solutions. With low-latency shared flash acceleration and granular, automated performance management, Pivot3 vSTAC SLX makes it possible for businesses to support a full spectrum of applications, including mission-critical, with confidence.

vSTAC Starter Packs

Pivot3 vSTAC Starter Packs are an affordable way to get started with Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and provide you with the confidence of maximized resource utilization for a better ROI, unparalleled high availability that also performs, and a lean operating system that leaves more available resources to power the business applications that matter most.

Dynamic Quality of Service

Pivot3’s Dynamic QoS allows business to meet application SLAs with easy to manage policies that provision performance, prioritize workloads, and manage data placement and protection. With the ability to automate and schedule granular QoS settings, from a LUN/datastore level down to an individual VM/VMDK, Dynamic QoS significantly reduces the time it takes to manage performance and data protection.

vSTAC Hyperconverged Product Family

We deliver hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions that maximize resource utilization, provide high availability that performs and offer flexible deployment options. Unlike conventional HCI solutions that leave critical resources stranded on each node, Pivot3’s distributed scale-out architecture pools each HCI node’s compute and storage capacity for consumption by every VM and application. Pivot3’s patented Scalar Erasure Coding provides remarkably efficient high availability that maintains performance during degraded mode conditions. Flexible Scalar Erasure Coding policies enable businesses to assign the exact level of performance and protection to each workload based on their requirements.

Pivot3 vSTAC OS + Cisco UCS Solution Brief

Dynamic Hypercovergence provider Pivot3, in partnership with Cisco, removes that cost and complexity of maintaining an external SAN and consequently reduces the costs associated with rack space, power, cooling, and administrative resources while significantly reducing your data center footprint by up to 54%. By unifying the compute and storage resources contained in each UCS Mini blade, Pivot3 and Cisco deliver a simplified, self-contained and unified plat-form designed for efficiency, resiliency, and game-changing performance.

Pivot3+Zerto Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution Brief

Pivot3 and Zerto combine to deliver simple, powerful, and easier to manage infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). The synergies between the solutions help ensure uninterrupted business results for IT organizations and lower the costs to deploy and manage BC/DR initiatives.

PCIe Flash Storage for VDI Solution Brief

The Pivot3 N5 is available in multiple performance and capacity configurations, each integrated with PCIe flash for low latency performance and SSDs or HDDs for capacity. They are capable of supporting hundreds to thousands of virtual desktops per N5 flash array. The Pivot3 N5 feature-set combines best in class performance along with patented Dynamic Quality of Service and simplified management providing a cost effective storage foundation for your VDI infrastructure.

N5 PCIe Flash Storage Arrays

Pivot3 provides innovative all-flash and hybrid flash arrays that deliver predictable performance and better economics through an innovative architecture that leverages PCIe flash and advanced storage Quality of Service (QoS). Unlike other arrays that treat all data the same, Pivot3’s dynamic storage QoS governs performance targets, I/O prioritization and data placement, allowing you to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Pivot3 flash arrays deliver the predictable application performance your end-users require, along with industry-leading performance, density and management simplicity.