White Papers

White Papers

The Economic Value of Simplified, Predictable Performance with Pivot3's Quality of Service

ESG conducted a customer analysis of the economic benefits of the predictable performance delivered by Pivot3’s Quality of Service to critical business applications. Learn how QoS provides automates the process of ensuring that mission-critical applications workloads maintain targeted performance levels and how smart organizations are wisely allocating budgets towards storage solutions that can deliver on key performance metrics through dynamic QoS capabilities.

ESG Lab Review - Pivot3: Delivering Quality of Service with VMware vSphere 6 and Virtual Volumes

This ESG Lab review documents testing of Pivot3 N5 Hybrid Flash Arrays with a focus on how the vendor’s QoS technology can deliver predictable and prioritized performance in ever-growing, virtualized environments. Pivot3’s integration with VMware Virtual Volumes was also previewed to understand how combining QoS with storage-aware VMs allows organizations to manage virtualized environments on a per-VM basis.

TBR - Hyperconvergence evolution provides a stepping-stone to the software-defined data center

A growing number of IT organizations look to hyperconvergence as a solution for modernizing their IT ecosystems. In TBR’s 2H15 Hyperconverged Platforms Customer Research, 73% of surveyed hyperconverged customers indicated they invested in hyperconverged to improve efficiency of internal processes or improve management of operations. The ability to leverage infrastructure that is fully virtualized across compute, storage and networking appeals to a wide range of IT personnel due to the technology’s time, simplicity, scalability, ease of purchase and cost savings.

Federal Computer Week - Simplify & Save with Hyperconverged Systems

Federal Computer Week’s Executive Insights report on HCI and organizations in the federal space and beyond can simplify and save when embracing hyperconvergence to reduce cost and complexity and improve performance. Government organizations are already adopting HCI in their data centers to meet rising demands and operational needs around infrastructure management.

Govloop - Global Hyperconvergence: The Only Way Forward

Many government organizations find it increasingly challenging to manage these diverse components of traditional IT, particularly as the capabilities of cloud are added to the equation. In this industry perspective, we explore the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure and examine why Pivot3 provides the ideal solutions for government organizations.

Pivot3 and NexGen Combine to Deliver Innovative Infrastructure Solutions for a Smarter Datacenter

The recent union of hyperconverged infrastructure pioneer Pivot3 and NexGen Storage, a leading provider of PCIe flash arrays with storage Quality of Service (QoS), will deliver a compelling combination of hyperconverged and flash storage technologies and solutions that will dramatically improve data center simplicity, agility, economics, and application user experience. The combined organization, that will operate under the Pivot3 name, has been described by SearchStorage as a combination of private companies “that play in two hot technology areas.”

Pivot3 N5 PCIe Flash Array Architecture

Why the gap between what customers want (managing data according to business value) vs. doing nothing? Until now, this functionality has been financially out of reach for most customers. Storage systems were never designed to help customers prioritize data based on their unique priorities and the value of their data. Solving these challenges was one of the founding principles around Pivot3’s PCIe Flash Array architecture that is described in this paper.

Always Available Surveillance Video

This white paper pulls the camera’s focus back a bit: after deciding to specify a SAN for your video surveillance system, how do you ensure operational continuity? Hard drives and other components fail far more often than their manufacturers would like to admit. What features should you specify to ensure your video surveillance system can handle a pixel storm amidst the silent, sudden death of a disc or an entire server? What other benefits should you expect and require so that you never lose video data?

Best Practices for Video Storage Infrastructure

This white paper focuses on how to specify video storage, it explains how video is unique in the world and why systems must be carefully thought out to ensure crucial data isn’t lost. Central to the discussion is a review of the trio of storage technologies you’re likely to run across, including a deep dive into the differences of Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN).

N5 Performance in a Virtualized Environment

The objective of this white paper is to provide data that will help in selecting and sizing the proper NexGen by Pivot3 storage array for your VMware deployment. Additionally, the value of utilizing NexGen storage by Pivot3 Quality of Service (QoS) to maximize VM density and increase ROI will be demonstrated.