The retail market is one of the fastest growing market segments in the physical security space. Newer digital surveillance systems reduce liability and shrinkage by providing more reliable video retention and faster access to relevant saved video.

Some retailers are now looking at using saved video to optimize revenue by tracking store traffic patterns, ensuring timely coordination of merchandising programs such as end-cap displays and by using video to redeploy store personnel to meet demand. These deployments require distributed “at-the-edge” video surveillance storage and system protection.

Today Pivot3 provides critical video surveillance storage and system protection for major distributed retailers around the globe.

Top Retail Concerns

  • Cost
  • Distributed footprint (power, rackspace & cooling)
  • Field Maintenance

Pivot3 Retail Benefits

  • 25% less cost than physical servers
  • 40% less power and cooling than separate storage + physical servers
  • Application and storage fault tolerance

Additional Resources

Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods

Spec’s was relying on DVRs, and a mix of analog and megapixel cameras for its surveillance, loss prevention and internal compliance needs but it wanted to increase the capabilities of its system. Spec’s preferred the detail and clarity offered by high-resolution cameras and also wanted to be able to save recorded video for a period of two years.