Big Data Analytics


Big data analytics examines massive volumes of seemingly unconnected data to reveal patterns, correlations and other insights to give organisations a better understanding of their business. However, legacy infrastructures and siloed datacenters of the past lack the bandwidth, security, and economics required to rapidly process and gain actionable insights from exponentially more detailed and complex data.

Pivot3 hyperconverged infrastructure overcomes the performance, scale and efficiency limitations of traditional three-tier infrastructures so organizations can quickly harness the power of the data they gather and use it to identify new market opportunities and reveal potential areas for improvement. Pivot3 HCI platforms work with big data applications like Hadoop and Splunk, enable mixed workload consolidation and provide an agile foundation for rapid deployment, linear scale and a faster time-to-value.

Why Pivot3 for Big Data Analytics?


Faster results, more insightful queries, better business outcomes


Seamless, linear scaling to match the growth of your data


Patented erasure coding for highly efficient mass data storage

Key Features and Advantages

NVMe PCIe Performance

By using Intel PCIe based NVMe flash as a read cache, write cache and persistent storage tier, Pivot3 offers their analytic customers a platform that can process even the most complex queries at ultra-low latencies and ultra-high IO performance.  This drives faster results, more insightful queries and allows the organisation to take advantage of their data faster – leading to a more efficient and agile business.

Policy-Based QoS

Batch processes and Complex Queries operate at different times of day, but should never have to compete for resources, either at the compute or storage layers.  By scheduling Pivot3’s intelligent QoS engine to adjust the policy of the relevant application server to deliver maximum resources at the most opportune moment, the overall performance efficiency of the system improves.  Customers can genuinely do more with less, reducing the overall investment and preventing unnecessary over-provisioning of storage and compute performance.

Industry-leading Scale

In the world of big data, organizations need a solution that will scale as their data scales. Pivot3 leads the industry with customers that have scaled their infrastructure, one node at a time, to multi-petabyte installations. Scaling in this way prevents massive capital costs and allows an organisation to be flexible in their expansion, saving costs in the datacenter, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and eliminating the “forklift upgrade” model.

Operational Efficiency

Address your organization’s data growth by consolidating storage into one central repository with a single-volume architecture with single-pane-of-glass management for your entire server/storage infrastructure. Pivot3 solutions are operationally flexible and efficient, slashing administrative overhead and boosting IT productivity with its simple deployment and policy-based management. Pivot3 provides patented erasure coding that maximizes usable capacity as well as rich data services that include data reduction technologies, thin provisioning and space efficient snapshots and clones reduce capacity requirements.