End-User Computing

Cost-Effective and High-Performance Virtual Desktops

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can directly address the issues of scalability, cost and performance by collapsing the traditionally siloed tiers of infrastructure to modular building blocks based on industry-standard hardware. By combining compute, storage, networking and virtualization, HCI eliminates infrastructure complexities and simplifies infrastructure management. Pivot3’s HCI solutions optimize virtual desktop deployments by providing a modular policy-based platform that minimizes infrastructure footprint and TCO, delivers seamless user experience, and simplifies the transition from pilot to full-scale.

Key Advantages

Best Cost per Desktop

Drastically lower infrastructure footprint and total cost with 2X to 3X desktops per node

Superior End-User Experience

Exceptional IO performance with resource aggregation, QoS and NVMe acceleration

Simple Scalability

Linearly scale capacity, performance and throughput to seamlessly transition from pilot to full-scale and simplify growth planning

Flexible Deployment

Choose from a broad selection of form factors that are all validated and optimized with a rich ecosystem of technology partners


Self-Healing Virtual Desktops

Systems restart automatically in the case of appliance failures, with failover and migration of virtual desktops managed through VMware vCenter

High Availability Storage

Shared storage and compute resources across the array create highly available storage volumes that exist on all drives, with up to five drive fault tolerance without compromising existing data stores


Automatic Load-Balancing

Resources are automatically load-balanced across all nodes so performance is effortlessly delivered to desktops that are exerting the highest demand


Industry-Leading Capacity

Start with a single node with 2.1TB of usable storage capacity and scale up to 1.4PB of usable capacity at 94% efficiency within a single Virtual Performance Group, aggregating usable capacity, efficiency and performance as you scale



Pivot3 Flash Arrays for EUC

Pivot3 Flash Arrays add new levels of performance, control and consolidation to address all your EUC requirements. Due to the low latency and high IOPS characteristics of both Pivot3 all-flash arrays and hybrid arrays are ideal solutions for VDI shared storage.


Customer Benefits

Optimum User Experience

Mult-tier flash array architecture delivers lowest latency and highest performance ensuring satisfied users

Predictable User Experience

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) allowsadministrators to assign service levels tocategories of user

Lower Cost Per Desktop

Leverage storage used for VDI across otherdatacenter applications resulting in better ROI

Peace of Mind

Deploy Pivot3 Flash Storage knowing it is tested,validated, and proven with your virtual desktop platform of choice

Advantages of Flash Storage for VDI


2-3X Lower latency with PICe Flash


4X lower cost per VDI desktop


77% reduction in VDI recompose process


40% more VM workloads with QoS