Pivot3 Surveillance Series

Hyperconvergence for Video Surveillance

Demand for video surveillance technology is growing rapidly. More than just a means to “catch the bad guy,” video is a strategic business tool used to reduce organizational risk and improve financial returns. Modern high definition IP video surveillance systems generate massive amounts of critical, sensitive data. Capturing, protecting and mobilizing this data is paramount, and a very challenging task for traditional IT infrastructure.

Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure delivers software-defined SAN storage and server infrastructure in cost-effective, off-the-shelf server hardware. Purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 provides the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability so critical video surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from any failures and always available when and where it is needed most.

Never Lose Video Data

No data loss. No unplanned downtime. No dropped Frames.

Key Benefits

Purpose-built for video surveillance

Maximum sustained throughput to prevent video loss and image degradation

Extreme Resiliency & High Availability

Eliminates downtime and protects against critical liabilities associated with data loss

Effective Mobility

Access video and integrated systems on any device to reduce costs and improve response times and situational awareness

Simple & Cost-Effective

Delivers enterprise-class virtual storage and compute infrastructure without the added cost and complexity


vSTAC OS transforms standard servers into powerful purpose-built, fault-tolerant virtual shared storage and compute nodes that can be stitched together into different configurations to support the most demanding video surveillance applications.

The Pivot3 Surveillance Series leverages hardware and software features to achieve the highest throughput without any loss of data, preventing video loss and negative impact on image quality. Due to our patented technology, this high performance is sustained during component failures and disk rebuilds – scenarios where traditional infrastructure performance is significantly degraded.

Virtual Server and Storage Infrastructure

vSTAC Surveillance Series nodes deliver enterprise-class compute and storage infrastructure for challenging video surveillance workloads. Nodes are simple to configure, easy to manage and deploy and scale to multi-petabyte capacities. Storage and compute resources are pooled across an array to deliver unequaled performance and resiliency to meet the needs of the most demanding surveillance environments.

Virtual Client Workstations

Video surveillance is a graphics-intensive application that requires substantial client workstation compute resources. Additionally, accessing video and integrated security applications remotely is very challenging. Traditional virtual desktop infrastructure solutions will not work with video surveillance … until now. The Virtual Security Server (VSS) reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive graphics-enabled workstations and enables mobilization of fully-functional security client workstations.