Don’t just think you’ve stored your video data.
Ensure its stored and protected.

Many security and IT professionals falsely believe that general purpose IT shared storage will deliver the performance and high availability to continuously record full motion high-definition video streams without data loss. Wrong. General purpose IT storage whether DAS, SAN or NAS is not designed for 24×7 write intensive, HD video surveillance workloads.

And, unlike IT applications that have users ready to call the help desk if performance lessens, cameras blindly assume that the system is keeping up. Without a purpose-built storage system optimized for continuous video write performance you run the risk that some data may not be stored at all and not be available when you need it most but thought you had it.

And, without hardware and VMS application failover protection you can lose everything. Pivot3’s purpose-built vSTAC surveillance series appliances are designed to ensure that all your critical video surveillance streams are both stored and protected. Pivot3 vSTAC scale-out shared storage and compute appliances are simple, scalable and affordable. With over 1,600 customers and nearly 1 million cameras in operation, Pivot3 delivers enterprise-class video surveillance IT infrastructure in a simple to deploy and scale-out appliance model. We deliver the simplicity of DAS while eliminating the performance and data loss risks and manageability issues. We deliver better performance and higher availability than enterprise class storage yet without the enterprise cost, complexity and skills imposed by legacy SAN/NAS with separate servers.

How valuable is your data?

There simply is no better choice than purpose-built vSTAC appliances from Pivot3 for storing and protecting critical video surveillance data.

  • No SPOF (single point of failure) for network, servers, application, and storage
  • Scale-out predictability of both recording performance and cost
  • Purpose-built and certified for demanding video surveillance write intensive workloads
  • Simple to deploy, scale-out and administer
  • Standard servers (DAS) are uniquely stitched together with patented Pivot3 software into enterprise-class video surveillance converged IT infrastructure