Airports, seaports and railways have become top priority surveillance upgrade sites as authorities look to apply the latest technologies to meet strict security objectives. Many environments require integration with installed analog hardware so a standards-based approach is a key requirement.

Fault tolerance in the transportation vertical extends to both application and storage systems which is frequently tested to prove out that systems are working as designed.

Pivot3 provides critical video surveillance storage and system protection for urban above ground and under ground public transit systems in many major metropolitan cities in North America and in Europe. Pivot3 also delivers surveillance storage solutions for major airports in North America and internationally.

Top Transportation Concerns

  • Ultimate reliability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Investment protection for expansion

Pivot3 Transportation Benefits

  • Self-healing for applications and storage
  • RAID6e ensures highest protection and system availability
  • Dynamically expandable

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Industry Focus: Transportation

With the influx in the number of cameras, especially high-resolution models, more surveillance video is being captured and analyzed today than ever before.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Technology plays a significant role in the security initiatives at SEA-TAC and airport officials leverage surveillance to help address potential vulnerabilities proactively and effectively.