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Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Pivot3 is the leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions for enterprise-grade video in environments such as campuses, cities, casinos, airports, transit and Federal facilities. Our simple and innovative solutions are designed specifically for video-based applications such as surveillance, analytics, and security operation centers. With thousands of mission-critical deployments, Pivot3’s industry expertise and purpose-built technology deliver a proven path to lower TCO, reduced risk and simplified management for security customers of any size.

Surveillance Series

Optimized to consolidate video storage, video management and analytics workloads, the Pivot3 Surveillance Series is a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure with the performance, scale and resilience required to support today’s demanding surveillance, security and IoT requirements.

Why Pivot3?

Pivot3’s smart infrastructure is purpose-built for mission-critical video surveillance and security operations, consolidating video surveillance, analytics, access control, and other security workloads onto a centralized platform that automates the management of large-scale security environments. The resilient architecture ensures availability of video and minimizes footprint with industry-leading storage efficiency and the ability to consolidate multiple security workloads on one infrastructure.

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Smart Infrastructure Solutions for Mission-Critical Video

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