3 Key Advantages of Pivot3’s Virtual SOC

July 24, 2019 | Posted by

You may have heard that our Virtual Security Operations Center (Virtual SOC) has recently received some major enhancements. Pivot3’s Virtual SOC, which delivers fully functional client workstations to any device including low-cost thin/zero clients, remote client PCs and laptops, video walls and mobile devices —empowers security teams to securely access video and security information anywhere, improving situational awareness and response times. The Virtual SOC is a more cost effective, resilient, and secure alternative to physical graphics workstations.

Many organizational environments can benefit from providing real-time insight to personnel in the event of an incident. Those with distributed environments such as university, business and medical campuses, airports, safe cities, casinos, entertainment complexes, and correctional facilities all require remote and immediate access to video and other security data. When this information can be gathered from cameras and devices and securely viewed anywhere, incident response times can be significantly improved.

Let’s take a look at 3 key advantages the Virtual SOC offers security professionals:

1) Keep Data Secure and Available 
When security operators view processed video streams and integrated security data on their physical workstation, that sensitive data actually resides on the workstation, making it susceptible to unauthorized access. With the Virtual SOC, all video and security data is protected and secured on Pivot3 HCI storage, in a central host site. Additionally, physical workstations lack the critical failover and high availability capabilities of enterprise-class infrastructure, which could mean downtime and lost opportunity to act. With high-availability and built-in failover, the Virtual SOC maximizes security client availability, ensuring data is always available to security operators and first responders.

2) Reduce Management Costs 
Beyond the expensive upfront costs of physical workstations, the time required to update and maintain them impacts productivity and increases OPEX. With the Virtual SOC, there is only one highly-available system to maintain, reducing on-going maintenance and management expenses. It also delivers fully functional security workstationcapabilities to security operators – including video surveillance, access control, security management software, and other related systems – on more devices, more securely and more cost-effectively than physical workstations. Furthermore, the Virtual SOC delivers additional cost savings by working with any video management software, regardless of brand — allowing you to stick with your favorite applications.

3) Share Time Sensitive Information Easily
In mission-critical environments, the ability to securely share data is paramount to providing real-time information for incident response and prevention. Pivot3’s Virtual SOC enables security teams to both share video with outside agencies and organizations in an immediate, secure and bandwidth-efficient fashion, as well as extend real-time video access to those in the field. 

With improved cost-efficiency and security, the Pivot3 SOC delivers better security, faster remediation, and a true mobile experience for enhanced situational awareness and response times. To learn more about the newest version of this powerful and agile platform, click here.

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