Inception comes to VDI: a Webinar

We recently began planning for a webinar series to introduce users to VMware View 5.1 running on Pivot3 vSTAC™ VDI appliances.  While we are excited to show what the solution can do,…

VDI Takeaways from Savvy SMB Resellers

By Lee Caswell, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Pivot3 Originally posted 5/3/12 on VMware's  Blog (EUC) Things that sound good on paper don’t always work in the field, and VDI resellers are…

Desktops are alive and well in a VDI World

Many users assume that virtual desktop adoption is directly tied to the demise of the PC.  But many VDI customers, and particularly smaller customers in education and government, are convinced that PCs…

Cool new View 5.1 Feature: View Storage Accelerator

Last week Pivot3 sponsored the Dallas VMware forum. We were there in support of the launch of VMware’s latest End User Computing releases for the Post-PC era. While there were a number…

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