As modernizing government IT infrastructure becomes critical, Red River and Pivot3 partner to ease the process

June 18, 2019 | Posted by

Government agencies have the same struggles many enterprises do. They are over-reliant on legacy technologies that ultimately make them inefficient and, of particular concern, insecure. Some agencies are still using systems that are decades old (more than 50 years in some cases.) And, just like many enterprises, government agencies also struggle with how to pay for the needed technology upgrades.

That’s why the federal government created the Technology Modernization Fund in 2017, and it’s why the draft of the 2020 appropriations bill recently released by the House of Representatives includes $35 million to help move these organizations to more leading-edge applications and hardware.

It’s also why Pivot3 has been partnering with Red River, a technology transformation company that works with federal agencies looking to modernize their complex, mission-critical, multi-petabyte deployments.

As government and defense organizations increasingly turn to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and hybrid cloud environments to modernize their datacenters, Pivot3 and Red River’s joint offerings deliver greater security, resilience and manageability at scale to support the evolving needs of government IT. 

“Red River has a rich legacy in the industry as a driving force in helping government IT teams implement and transform their operations with innovative technology solutions,” said Rance Poehler, Pivot3’s chief revenue officer. “We’re honored to partner with an industry leader like Red River to bring solutions to market that help federal agencies evolve by simplifying deployment, reducing risk and liabilities, and accelerating time to value.”

The two partners recently completed an implementation with a large defense agency, deploying Pivot3’s infrastructure across 12 different sites with individual classified and unclassified networks and infrastructures. With a wide range of applications supporting operations—including mission-critical database and analytic applications—the agency required a resilient infrastructure that could support multiple mixed-application workloads with no data loss and could scale rapidly and easily to meet its ongoing needs. 

Pivot3 offers the industry’s only policy-based Intelligence Engine to automate application performance, data protection and placement, and data security, which enabled Red River to offer the customer a solution that simplifies management of otherwise complex and time-consuming tasks. 

“Pivot3 has distinguished itself as a true technology leader, supporting many of the world’s most complex IT environments with its simple and scalable infrastructure,” said Alan Dumas, chief revenue officer for Red River. “We are eager to expand our market presence with Pivot3 and help our customers use hyperconvergence and hybrid cloud to enable their digital transformation initiatives.”

Pivot3 and Red River have been partnering to secure large wins across the federal government. The two organizations have seen accelerated growth and a steep incline in opportunities and revenue and are expanding the partnership into state and local government as well as other markets across the private sector.

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