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We’re All In on Creating Safer, Smarter Casinos

When most people think of casinos, the ringing of slot machines and the prospect of winning money are the first things that come to mind. But increasingly, guests are visiting these facilities…

3 Key Advantages of Pivot3’s Virtual SOC

You may have heard that our Virtual Security Operations Center (Virtual SOC) has recently received some major enhancements. Pivot3’s Virtual SOC, which delivers fully functional client workstations to any device including low-cost thin/zero…

The Journey to Create Safer, Smarter Transit Systems

When most travelers think of transportation safety, airport security immediately comes to mind. The image of checkpoints filled with winding lines of people and explosive-detecting canines sniffing at carry-on bags is one…

Destination: Safer, Smarter Airports

There are many unique areas in an airport that are consistently used by travelers: parking garages, self check-in kiosks, airline counters, security lines, restaurants and shops, etc. With such diverse and complex…

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