Cool new View 5.1 Feature: View Storage Accelerator

May 10, 2012 | Posted by Sam Chapman

Last week Pivot3 sponsored the Dallas VMware forum. We were there in support of the launch of VMware’s latest End User Computing releases for the Post-PC era. While there were a number of very compelling announcements of upcoming releases in management, connectivity, improved end-user experience and overall simplification, one particular feature forms the subject of this week’s Pivotal Point of View.

The upcoming release of View 5.1 will incorporate cool new functionality called View Storage Accelerator (VSA), which is designed to 1) improve performance and, 2) reduce shared storage costs.

Improving performance. View Storage Accelerator caches the most frequently read data from disks inside the hypervisor memory, enabling in-memory-type performance for disk access. This is especially useful during login or boot storms where there is a heavy concurrent set of reads. In fact in tests that we have run on the View 5.1 release candidate we seen a marked reduction in peak IOPS consumption when using View Storage Accelerator during boot and login storms. We’ve measured a net reduction in peak IOPS by as much as 65% during these activities. Although we haven’t done as much testing on concurrent file reads for common applications, we believe that there would also be some important gains for application performance from the in-memory caching capabilities of View Storage Accelerator.

Reducing shared storage costs. In tests that we have run in our labs, we believe that there is an opportunity for us to reduce the overall amount of SSD we currently use in order to provision desktops at log in or boot up. This translates into an overall reduced cost of shared storage and an overall reduction in dollars per desktop for the shared storage infrastructure.

This one feature allows us to deliver a better price/performance vSTAC™ VDI appliance to the market. We will be shipping our 5.1-enabled vSTAC VDI that takes advantage of View Storage Accelerator very soon after the GA of View 5.1. In addition, we are doing advanced R&D to further leverage the benefits of VSA that will manifest itself into our product lineup later this year.

If you can’t wait to see what View 5.1 and VSA are all about, then you can get a sneak peak during our upcoming Driver’s Ed Webinar. During this virtual desktop-based webinar jointly hosted by VMware and Pivot3, you will be able to explore some of the new View 5.1 features interactively. Be sure not to miss some of the cool eye candy and management functionality of vCenter Operations Manager during this live webinar!

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