January 28, 2020 | Posted by Robert Neureither


With global security threats are on the rise, so are regulations that affect data security and privacy. Consumers are also more concerned with how their data is being used, creating new public pressure–such as Data Privacy Day on January 28–to define how data is collected, protected and stored.

The need to protect sensitive, mission-critical data is more crucial than ever before, but IT leaders face many challenges in their effort to simplify this complex task. This complexity will only grow over time, which is why Pivot3 placed automation and intelligence at the core of our infrastructure and why we’re helping customers protect their data in the following ways.

Protect Sensitive Data with Policy-based Security

We offer policy-based security management capabilities in our Intelligence Engine, allowing organizations to automate and simplify the process of protecting sensitive data with comprehensive, standards-based security for encryption and key management. These policies are easy to manage and allow customers to seamlessly integrate data encryption and key management into the same workflow.

As customers create and manage data across the edge, core and cloud, policy-based security management helps facilitate regulatory compliance. This capability gives IT teams the knowledge and confidence that data is secured and protected as it traverses their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Address Regulation and Compliance with Intelligence

Our Intelligence Engine’s policy-based security management includes flexible, secure multi-tenancy and data-at-rest encryption at a system, volume or virtual machine level, compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, as well as data encryption algorithms that leverage Intel® Xeon CPUs AES New Instructions (AES NI) to ensure minimal CPU overhead. Key management is also integrated into our security policies that supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standards to provide broad support of key managers.

Manage Encryption Keys at Scale with Pivot3 and HyTrust KeyControl

Pivot3 offers HyTrust KeyControl through our technology alliance partner ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with customers’ policy-based security management. This enables enterprises to easily manage all encryption keys at scale, including how often keys are rotated and how they are shared securely.

The growing amount of diverse data IT organizations are burdened with means key management must be an integral part of securing the infrastructure. By combining Pivot3’s policy-based security management with HyTrust KeyControl, customers are able to further simplify security management in a world where data must be secured no matter where it resides.

Prepare for the Security Threats of Today and Tomorrow

As organizations rise to the challenge of addressing emerging security threats and changing regulations, automation and intelligence will become indispensable to maintaining a secure infrastructure across the edge, core and cloud. Pivot3 remains committed to helping customers keep their sensitive data safe, secure and protected with policy-based security management, providing the foundation for organizations to build and maintain consumer trust.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our Intelligent Data Security for Mission-Critical IT feature brief.

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