Highly Scalable and Intelligent IoT-Edge Computing Solution Modernizes Surveillance for the City of Bogota

February 13, 2019 | Posted by schapman

In order to build smarter, safer spaces, cities around the world are changing the way they approach security and surveillance operations by deploying IoT and edge computing solutions. When Bogotá, Columbia needed to modernize and simplify their citywide surveillance operations, they turned to Pivot3 and Lenovo for their safe city infrastructure solution. Built on Lenovo hardware and powered by Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure software platform, the solution provides Bogotá and its boroughs with enterprise-grade infrastructure for their large-scale surveillance operations while providing support for analytics and other integrated security software the city plans to add as it expands.

The Challenge

Bogotá’s citizen and visitor safety security team had been dealing with a complex blend of tech from multiple vendors that had been implemented over many years. They also had only 1,500 operational cameras, well below the international standard for cameras per capita, most of which had no centralized monitoring or management capabilities.  The team realized they needed a resilient infrastructure platform that could stand up to the test of mission-critical surveillance and security workloads and allow administrators to view any camera feed on single console form any camera in the city. They also required the solution to be easily scaled as they expanded their environment from roughly 2,000 cameras to 5,000. And as they were already challenged with limited rack space, the solution need to meet rigorous storage and archival requirements in an ultra-dense footprint.

The Solution and Results

By providing greater density, higher performance and better resilience, Pivot3’s patented erasure coding allows the city to optimize the use of floor space with a modern, high performance solution that scales linearly as the city’s requirements grows. The solution’s space, power, and cooling requirements per PB were up to 40 percent more efficient than competitive solutions, and the increased camera density allowed them to fit a powerful solution in limited floor space. Lenovo’s servers provide the right hardware configuration to support the raw processing power required by the high camera count. In addition, Pivot3’s software provides the ability to sustain high throughput, preventing image degradation and frame loss. The enterprise-grade solution offers flexible scalability, delivers more robust operational  intelligence to local law enforcement, and is designed for large-scale surveillance with simple, centralized management to increase city-wide situational awareness, event monitoring and incident response times.

For more information, results and business outcomes, download the case study for more information at Lenovo’s Data Center Customer Success Stories page.

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