Pivot3 Tops Skyline of Next Generation Storage

November 19, 2015 | Posted by Sam Chapman

Earlier this month, Pivot3 attended Needham’s Next Generation Storage Networking Conference in New York City. The annual, invite-only conference brings together top thought leaders in storage – from components to traditional arrays, from hybrid solutions to all-flash systems and hyper-converged architectures.

Leading companies, both public and private, addressed the broader themes of software-defined storage (SDS), software-defined networking (SDN), and network function virtualization (NFV), as well as more specific technologies such as networking-as-a-service, Hosted UC, DPI, ADC, IMS, and others.

We had the opportunity to present Pivot3’s unique architecture and groundbreaking capabilities to an audience of industry analysts, bankers, and investors that was very interested in the progress we are making in not only building a great business, but also how our technology and go-to-market efforts are powering our growth. It was also a great networking event and we were able to meet many executives of other key IT firms who were in attendance.

Needham also designed a tee shirt for attendees. If you’re familiar with HBO’s Silicon Valley series, in particular the animated intro sequence à la Sim City, which features prominent tech logos atop tall buildings, then you’ll recognize the graphic used on the back of the shirt:

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As you can see, Pivot3 made the cut, occupying a prominent position on the skyline, towering over some giant firms like HP and EMC, as well as storage and data management companies like NetApp and Nimble Storage, and hyper-convergence vendor Simplivity; indeed we’re in good company. A special thanks goes out to Rick Kugele from Needham, a smart, logical and insightful analyst, which shows in how he showcased us.

2015 has seen dramatic topline growth within next generation storage solutions, in particular as these technologies continue to gain share from legacy applications to help usher the data center into the 21st century. As the inventors of software-defined storage and developers of the first-to-market HCI solution, Pivot3 continues to lead the charge with innovative solutions for virtualized storage and compute that are revolutionizing industries and markets all around the world.

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