#Winning: BUILDINGS Magazine Highlights Cost-effective Nature of Pivot3 IoT and Surveillance Solutions for Enterprise-class Deployments

April 2, 2019 | Posted by schapman

Last week, we were honored to learn that our large-scale surveillance solution was selected as one of BUILDINGS Magazine’s 2019 Money-Saving Products. Only 11 life safety and security products were selected for this year’s award, highlighting solutions that protect both facilities and the people inside them in a cost-effective manner. So why was the Pivot3 solution chosen? Read on to get the details.

Intelligent Infrastructure
Available solutions for large video surveillance and security systems are typically cost-prohibitive. While costs can be reduced by using commodity NVRs, these systems lack the resilience, scalability, ease of use and advanced functionality required for modern surveillance environments.

Pivot3 is different. Designed to support video surveillance and IoT security deployments of 500TB or more, our large-scale surveillance solution provides the performance that is required for large-scale environments at a lower cost than any other enterprise solution. With this solution, Pivot3 is streamlining large scale video, security management and storage environments by hosting video management software, security applications and storage on a modular, scalable appliance. This significantly lowers cost and delivers higher rack density for multi-PB video installations with the lowest price point in the market for scalable video surveillance infrastructure.

Scale On-demand
Forget about provisioning for the future (or overprovisioning for that matter). Pivot3 scales seamlessly, enabling customers to start with only the server and storage resources they need at the time, minimizing cost. As camera counts grow and new technologies are integrated, organizations can scale storage, compute and bandwidth linearly and non-disruptively as each additional appliance is added.

Simplified Management
Any facility, security or IT leader knows that managing separate storage, server and management interfaces for video surveillance is complex and time consuming. With Pivot3, servers and storage are virtualized into a single infrastructure designed to run video management, access control, analytics and related surveillance applications. A simple, centralized user interface and automated administrative functions means no specialized skills are needed to manage this enterprise-class infrastructure.

Consolidated Workloads
The solution can deliver more than 6PB of storage in a single rack while supporting more than 15,000 cameras (750 per node), reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements (yes, that means an immediate hardware investment savings!) That is certainly compelling, but beyond that, this new solution brings even more value to the table: Customers can achieve more consolidation that provides immediate ROI because Pivot3 can support additional workloads. This means customers can add video analytics, datacenter applications and access control on the Pivot3 solution as their needs evolve. How’s that for built-in value?

All of these qualities are great, but probably the biggest benefit of Pivot3 is the fact that it is purpose-built to handle the unique requirements of modern video surveillance and IoT workloads and ensures video, security and IoT data are protected and always available from any device or location.

As you can see, the Pivot3 platform delivers the best reliability, benefits and economics of any server and storage solution for video surveillance and IoT in the market. But don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a demo or visit us at next week’s ISC West conference to see the benefits for yourself.

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