The Importance of Cybersecurity in Mission-Critical Security Deployments

May 21, 2019 | Posted by ,

It’s an unavoidable fact that cyber threats are continuing to increase and evolve in sophistication as the use of networked devices becomes more prominent throughout the industry. Video surveillance is the first real Internet of Things (IoT) application and, in fact, connected cameras are ubiquitous, which unfortunately creates a greater risk. We have already seen the impact of unsecured IoT devices (the Mirai Botnet attack), and unforeseen vulnerabilities could lead to more damaging actions, such as accessing or tampering with private video, controlling door locks and access control systems, disabling alarm systems and more.

These recent events have demonstrated that a threat could enter from any point in an organization’s ecosystem and with so much data to be protected, security leaders and systems integrators need to evaluate not only how to store this data, but also how to secure it along with its entire video surveillance ecosystem. In the past, this meant making sure physical security processes were aligned so that an individual could not physically tamper with a camera; however, the focus has now turned to IT processes — ensuring that no one can access the camera and its data via the network. This trend is quite a change from years past when cybersecurity wasn’t part of any physical security conversation. But the adoption of IP-connected devices has made cyber-attacks a genuine possibility.

As we continue to embrace more interconnected devices, new cyber vulnerabilities will come to light. As security professionals, we are entrusted by our customers to provide secure products and guidelines to safeguard these products from potential hacking. By working together to provide a system that is rigid against cyber threats, we can improve overall protection, and this level of collaboration gains further importance going forward.

The industry needs to ensure that it delivers products and services that facilitate resilient protection methods, align with current IT processes and reduce the opportunity for exploitation. At this year’s ISC West, we were able to discuss this topic in length with Laura Stepanek, Editor, SDM Magazine, who wanted to provider her readers, the systems integrators, with guidance on how to best address cybersecurity concerns. In this new video, SDM Magazine looks at the ways in which manufacturers and systems integrators are taking proactive measures to ensure robust levels of cybersecurity from the point of manufacture to deployment.

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