The foundation for the software-defined datacenter

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Pivot3’s combination of NVMe flash-optimized architecture, patented erasure coding, and policy-based Intelligence Engine, provide a simple, scalable, software-defined foundation for organizations of all sizes to predictably consolidate multiple mixed workloads on a common platform while enabling modern automation and agile cloud workflows.

Key Business Advantages

Your Software-defined Foundation for Workload Consolidation and Hybrid Clouds

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed application SLAs and up to 6X performance with NVMe PCIe Flash datapath managed by a policy-based priority-aware Intelligence Engine.

Simplicity and Agility

Intelligent policy-based automation and integrated management for simple operations and agile cloud automation workflows.

Lower Footprint

Up to 3X more VMs per node with the efficient high-performance architecture that eliminates IO bottleneck while delivering market-leading storage efficiency.

On-demand Scalability

Predictable, non-disruptive, incremental scale-out with multi-tier, distributed architecture that aggregates all resources in a cluster.

Always-on Availability

Highly-available infrastructure with patented erasure coding that protects from node and component failures while enabling market-leading efficiency.

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