Consolidate Your Enterprise Applications Predictably with Policy-Based HCI

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Pivot3 HCI helps consolidate enterprise applications while simplifying management and slashing footprint. Its high-performance NVMe Flash optimized architecture with an Intelligence Engine that provides policy-based resource prioritization, delivers market-leading transactional performance, guarantees SLA compliance and ensures operational flexibility.

Key Business Advantages

Predictable Consolidation for All Your Enterprise Applications

Breakthrough Transactional Performance

Up to 2.6X more IOPs and 62% lower response times with NVMe PCIe Flash optimized multi-tier architecture.

Guaranteed SLA

Prioritize your applications and datasets based on their business-criticality with advanced policy-based management.

Simplify Management

Intuitive performance management and simple flexible operational workflows with Pivot3’s Intelligence Engine and integrated management and monitoring.

Scale Easily

Scale to multiple petabytes predictably, non-disruptively and cost-efficiently to support long-term growth objectives with distributed scale-out architecture and patented erasure coding.

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