Safer Cities Through Smarter Infrastructure

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Pivot3 allows for the consolidation of video management, IoT data collection, video and data analytics and storage, access control and other related Safe and Smart City applications onto a single, simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage hyperconverged infrastructure.

Key Business Advantages

Building Smarter and Safer Cities with Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Efficient Consolidation

Lower OPEX and CAPEX by deploying your applications in a multi-tenant environment, including video-based applications, analytics, databases and infrastructure management.

Centralized Management

Easily manage any camera, VMS, or related safety and security applications on a single infrastructure platform.

Mission-Critical Performance

Guarantee performance and uptime for critical environments where slow response time and data loss are not tolerable.


Lower TCO with ultra-dense, highly resilient platforms that deliver industry-leading efficiency and cost/TB without impacting security levels.


Keep pace with explosive data growth and seamlessly integrate with the latest analytics, AI, cloud, storage, compute, and data security technologies.

Simplicity at Scale

Easily scale storage, compute, and bandwidth without disruption to control the way your city expands its environment as requirements change.

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