Why Pivot3?


Pivot3’s software-based intelligence simplifies your physical security environment. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have existing video servers and storage, the intelligence behind our comprehensive portfolio of video infrastructure solutions will help you lower overall infrastructure management costs, reduce risk, and ensure you achieve your organization’s security objectives. Whether your environment is large or small, simple or complex, Pivot3 has a solution to meet your needs and simplify your life.

How Does Pivot3 Infrastructure Simplify Your Environment?

Many physical security infrastructures are a collection of video recording servers distributed throughout server rooms, closets, and buildings, each managed separately. We can help you eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying, managing, and scaling these islands of individual servers and workstations with our portfolio of video infrastructure solutions that offer progressively sophisticated software options. Regardless of which infrastructure best fits your current and future needs, we centralize and unify the management of Pivot3 infrastructure and non-Pivot3 servers through our software intelligence to simplify management and monitoring, ensuring that you are getting the most effective use out of these resources and that critical security applications are performing.

Easy to Buy and Use

Pivot3 simplifies security with an extensive portfolio of infrastructure solutions with progressively advanced software options, all packaged in simple configurations that make purchase and deployment easy. Centralized and automated management of the environment, validations and integrations with other security vendors’ products, and an Intelligence Engine that gives everything its smarts combine to make your life easier.


Purpose-Built for Video

Pivot3’s architecture is purpose-built to support the resilience, performance, scalability and manageability requirements of video-based physical security environments. Patented resilience ensures reliable, secure ingest and access to video at any time. Cameras are always streaming  new video, and with Pivot3, you no longer have to worry about dropped frames, video degradation, or downtime.

Innovative Software

Pivot3 solutions are based on software innovations designed specifically for video while leveraging the latest in IT standards and technologies. Patented resiliency and data protection technology delivers 50% higher storage utilization than other hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) system.

Trusted Technology and Business Partner

Some of the most challenging and complex video deployments in the world depend on Pivot3 solutions; we can help simplify your security environment no matter what you have deployed today.

Pivot3 Surveillance Series

From mission-critical video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other vital security applications, Pivot3 Surveillance Series can consolidate and support multiple security workloads on one infrastructure while delivering the highest levels of resilience, simplicity at scale, and better economics.

Essentials by Pivot3

Essentials is a portfolio of servers and workstations for video recording, viewing, management and running other security applications that deliver the quality, performance, and capacity required for a reliable video surveillance and security infrastructure.

Intelligent Security, Simplified.

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