Why Pivot3?


Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure is purpose-built for mission-critical video surveillance and security operations, consolidating video capture, storage, analytics, access control, and other security applications onto a single platform. Pivot3 solutions optimize operational efficiency, simplify and centralize management, and significantly reduce overall infrastructure footprint, cost, risk and liability.

What Makes Our Infrastructure Smarter?

Managing the cost and complexities of today’s mission-critical video environments requires agile and intelligent infrastructure to help security and IT teams do more with less. Other HCI solutions are tuned for a mix of reads and writes rather than streaming video. In contrast, Pivot3 is purpose-built for video ingest and simplicity at scale, expanding the possibilities of what cities, campuses, airports, casinos, transit systems and Federal entities can do with HCI.

Cut TCO in Half

Optimize video capture and minimize footprint with industry-leading storage efficiency and the ability to consolidate multiple workloads on one infrastructure.

Simplify at Scale

Automate and centralize management for efficient operations at scale, with no specialized expertise required. Pay as you grow for both capacity and processing power.

Lower Risk and Liability

Patented resiliency ensures reliable, secure access to video at any time – cameras are always running, and there’s no dropped frames, no video degradation, and no downtime.

Leverage Trusted Technology

Some of the most challenging and complex video deployments in the world depend on Pivot3 solutions, and we are dedicated to our clients’ ongoing success.

Pivot3 Surveillance Series

From mission-critical video surveillance, analytics, and access control to IoT data, Pivot3 can consolidate multiple security workloads on one infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure Solutions for Mission-Critical Video

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